Jul 18


Schools are becoming more and more technology oriented each day.  At times, it seems that the ability of working with the lastest gadgets, computer software and social networking sites comes naturally to children.  Meanwhile, adults struggle just to keep up.  Since social networking has practically taken over our society, it was only a matter of time until it would show up in our classrooms.  

Now teachers and students can “tweet” what’s going on in their classroom for everyone to see without the use of a computer.  All that’s needed is a bulletin board, door, or wall with a little decoration for display.  Students are allowed to write  down and share what’s on their mind as well as share what they have learned in class.  The perfect location to display this new creative idea is outside the classroom.  As faculty and staff walk down the hall they won’t be able to resist the urge to stop by the door and learn more about the daily or weekly activities of the classroom.

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